ARTSCI 101 - From Data to Insight

Duke University

The field of public health seeks to promote the healthiest lives possible of people and communities. In this class, we will discuss, analyze, and write about complex issues in public health, including smoking, breast cancer screening, physical activity, vaccination, and health disparities through the lens of statistical and scientific reasoning. We will use the scientific literature as a basis for discussion of these issues and to illustrate academic writing and statistical concepts. Furthermore, through course writing and statistics assignments, we will consider multiple hypotheses about the causes and prevention of health problems and show that the path between data and inference is not as clear­cut as it often appears to be in the popular media by critically examining the scientific research literature. As a students, you and your peers will lead class discussions and collaborate with peers on the major projects of the course, which will integrate statistical analysis and academic writing.

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June 1, 2016
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